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Welcome to Five CrossRoads Acupuncture


Do you suffer from acute or chronic pain, pain that disrupts your life, making it impossible for you to live a full life? The source of the pain could be either muscular or the response to a disease. Or are you visiting Hawaii and have injured yourself having fun and want to get back into the game. Acupuncture can help you get your life back. 

I have practiced ten years at a pain management clinic in New Jersey and have been successful in reducing patients' pain, full recovery is possible but dependent on the severity of the injury. Acupuncture moves Qi and blood nourishing the body to regain health and thrive. I now live in Honolulu offering Home Visits for residents and tourists. I have found acupuncture to jump start the healing process and with recent physical injuries one can often heal in a few sessions. I have found that if patients do some simple self-healing practices between visits their quality of life improves more quickly, the possibility of achieving Vibrant Health is within reach. 

Vibrant Health is symbolized by the life cycle of the butterfly, a process of metamorphosis from caterpillar to chrysalis to butterfly, symbolizing the process of human physical, emotional and spiritual transformation. Our stages of development can be arrested by life challenges, but we can choose to change into that beautiful butterfly that we were always destined to become. 

Click below to signup for Acupuncture treatments. You will also get the Vibrant Health - A Pathway to Joy document describing three practices to enhance your health. Those practice are described on the Vibrant Health page. 


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