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No matter the time, growing up is full of challenges. Economic hardships pressuring families. Communication breakdowns between parents and children. Cultural divisions. Finding one’s purpose and identity requires hard work and perseverance. I’ve met those challenges by developing a lifelong interest in the spiritual practices of meditation and contemplation. I have steeped myself in the ancient wisdom traditions yet am keenly aware of the power of modern science. To find my way in life, I have found it is necessary to have a dialogue between East and West and between past and present. 


I believe in the risen Christ. The Light of the Resurrection has been streaming into our world for the past two thousand years, has shaped our evolution. A new phase of our evolutions is now unfolding. I have found the work of Sri Aurobindo particularly important in finding my way forward. In the early 20th century Sri Aurobindo led the revolt against British rule for Indian Independence, achieved on August 15, 1947. He moved from politics to exploring the hidden depths of India's ancient spiritual texts, the Vedas. A vision for a new humanity was born found in his philosophic work The Life Divine, nominated for a Noble Prize in 1950, and his epic poem Savitri. When I read his statement in May 1977 that we must become collaborators in our evolution I immediately knew I had found my path. I have been working with his Integral Yoga for the past forty-four years.  


Following this path led me to the study and practice of Chinese Medicine. I earned my Masters in Acupuncture October 2008 and have had a practice in Philadelphia, PA since 2010. In 2012, I studied with a Master acupuncturist in Japan. After that trip, a book, Ride The Universe, that had been brewing demanded to be written. 


I was at a crossroads growing up, and today is no different. Ride The Universe is a science fiction/fantasy coming-of-age novel and is the first of a trilogy. It reveals the real magic in the real world. It is a story of transformation, a hero’s journey that we all must take today to find our way forward in a world beset by climate change and income inequality. Real spiritual transformation has been the key for me in finding my way forward and living a good life, and I believe it is necessary for adapting and building a future challenged by the tsunami of change surging our way.


Ride The Universe, and the following two books will chart this course of change and transformation.


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