Lotus Flower

Fifteen minutes a day can change your life, create vibrant health. Five minutes of Qi Gong, five minutes of self-healing, five minutes of journaling. These are the core practices that are the foundations for a deeper dive into Vibrant Health. 



The lotus is the symbol for Vibrant Health.The lotus roots reach deep into the mud with the flower rising out of the water at dawn to bloom and follow the sun. For the Ancient Egyptian the Blue Lotus was used in medicine and magic for health and used in ritual and ceremony to connect to the Divine. Ceremonies for the dead included the ritual use of the Blue Lotus to guide the soul to the afterlife, a rebirth. Vibrant Health is a program to create a new life, a life of renewal, a life dedicated to sacred living, a joyful life. A renewed life will help you navigate our challenging times, times that will force everyone to make decisions on how best to live a good life for you, your family and community.



Vibrant Health is a program of empowerment, adventure and discovery. This program will awaken you to the power of Qi, archetypes and stories to heal and create a vibrant life. 

Program – 1 Qi Gong   2 Alchemical Acupuncture   3 The Power of Archetypes and Story   4 The Story of Civilization

These four subjects help us understand the stories of our lives. Story shapes our lives. Story directs our lives.


Today we are called to transform ourselves and our world. The ancient Chinese view of the world is one map that will help us navigate through these turbulent times of climate emergency and our uncertain future. I will teach the fundamental principles of Qi Gong and Alchemical Acupuncture. You will experience the natural flow of Qi - the Universal Energy - that creates and supports life. 


What is Qi? There is no single answer. Qi is an expansive concept in Chinese medicine, philosophy, science, martial arts, art and literature. Qi can be described as ‘the authentic primordial breath of the universe, foundation of all things.’1


Lao Tzu, the reputed author of the Tao Te Ching asked the following questions.


What fills Heaven with light,

What calms the earth,

What enlivens the spirits,

What fills the valleys,

What brings the ten thousand things alive,

What causes nobles and kings to be good rulers?



The practice of Qi Gong cultivates Qi for vibrant health and aligning our life with the powers of Heaven and Earth. This alignment fills our life with light and wisdom.

Alchemical Acupuncture explores how the powers of Heaven and Earth live in us and as we tap into those powers our lives are enriched and we find meaning in the challenges we face in this time of change.

Power of Archetypes are internal patterns of growth and development that behind the scenes direct our lives. Often we lose the power to change our lives by not understanding these hidden forces. I will explore the nature of archetypes from Plato to Carl Jung and the world of archetypes through the work Chinese medicine. The Power of Story makes clear how archetypes write the stories of our lives.We all have our stories to tell and I look forward to listening to yours. In my case, I wrote of my story in Ride The Universe - the first in a trilogy, found in the Books and Resources page. 

Lastly we will explore the The Story of Civilization, stories that shape our civilization. We have told ourselves stories since human beings first awakened to living on planet Earth. Those stories have the power to gain insight into our purpose and heal our broken hearts. The first big story I will discuss is the myth of the Great Mother. This story is at the beginning our ancient heritage. I will discuss how this myth lost its power through a heightened development of consciousness that began with the ancient Greeks. Today we must draw on the ancient wisdom of the Great Mother to heal the wounds created by that expansion of consciousness. We see this most immediately in mitigating climate warming.

Vibrant Health - A Pathway to Joy has four main subjects with three sections for each, for a total of twelve. It’s designed so you could take the first section of each of the main subjects for a total of four, all held in virtual space, one-on-one via Google Meet. If the you want to dive in deeper you can take the next four and the last four, or you can sign up for all twelve.


1 Qi Gong


Feel Energized, Feel Vibrant, Feel Qi

First - Learn that we are a material and energetic body. Awaken to this universal energy through qigong and simple meditation as explained in The Healer Within by Roger Jahnke. Purpose, to feel more alive, more vibrant, to feel the movement of Qi, to know that Qi is real. Feel that pulse of life in your body. Write of that experience.


Daily practice – Qi Gong. Feeling, listening to the pulsing Qi. Writing of your experience, tuning-in to your life story.


Feel the Pulse of Life, Healing Within, More Restful Sleep

Second - Simple breath meditation. Connect with the Silence. Sit in quietude, in gratitude. Results, more energy more compassion more restful sleep.


Daily practice of qigong, breath meditation and journaling.


Deepen the Practice of Qi Gong

Third – (Still researching)


Daily practice of qigong, breath meditation and journaling.


2 Alchemical Acupuncture 


Listen to the Stories of your Body, Stories help you heal

First - Deeper Dive into your Energy Body - Learn simple self-massage and acupressure. Introduction to the Meridians and Acupuncture Points. Continue to feel the flow, pulse of Qi to reveal the stories your bodies hold. Tune-in to how those stories can help you heal, to know you are more than your physical body, that you live in a material and spiritual world. 


Daily practice of touching and listening to the energy, the Qi flowing through the meridians and acupuncture points.


The Five Spirits

Second – Introduction to the Five Spirits of Chinese Medicine as explained in Five Spirits – Alchemical Acupuncture for Psychological and Spiritual Healing by Lorie Eve Dechar

The Five Spirits guide our physical, emotional and spiritual health and devlopment.You will learn how to connect with the Five Spirits and start a conversation with the wisdom of your body. 


Shen – The Spirit of Fire,  Hun – The Spirit of Wood,  Yi – The Spirit of Earth,  Po – The Spirit of Metal,  Zhi – The Spirit of Water


Daily practice integrating the Powers of the Five Spirits


Your Life Story, Your Favorite Things

Third - Bring your favorite stories, movies, poems, songs that captures the story your body is telling you. Unleash your creativity to tell that story.  


Daily practice of contemplation.



3 The Power of Archetypes and Story

Archetypes are a source of universal spiritual intelligence that guide the unfolding of our lives. Learning how archetypes operate in our lives gives us the power of insight to change and live lives that are fulfilling and filled with purpose. Our life story is shaped by archetypes.

History of Archetypes

First – Explore the history of archetypes from the ancient Greeks to Carl Jung.


Daily practice of journaling. 


Acupuncture Archetypes

Second - Understand how the Five Spirits are represented by the following archetypes as explained in Between Heaven and Earth - A Guide to Chinese Medicine by Harriet Beinfield & Efrem Korngold


The Wizard - The Spirit of Fire,  The Pioneer - The Spirit of Wood, The Peacemaker - The Spirit of Earth,  The Alchemist - The Spirit of Metal,  The Philosopher - The Spirit of Water      

Daily practice of journaling.


Your Life Story as told by the Acupuncture Archetypes

Third – The five archetypes reveal how we make sense of ourselves and the world. Studying these archetypes will give us insight into our physical, emotional and spiritual lives. 


Daily practice of journaling.



4 The Story of Civilization

The Great Mother

First - Exploring the myth of the Great Mother – the ancient archetype responsible for the birth of Civilization as explained in The Dream of the Cosmos: A Quest for the Soul by Ann Baring. Knowing our origins will help us create a new future, one beset by climate change and income inequality.


Daily practice of connecting with the Great Mother through contemplation and nature. 


What Happened to the Great Mother?

Second – The Age of Patriarchy, how this age gave birth to our modern world.


Daily practice of journaling. 


A New Marriage

Third – The marriage of the ancient wisdom of the Great Mother with the knowledge gained in our modern patriarchal world.


Daily practice of journaling.

You can signup for the first four sections for $299 or all twelve for $799.