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Lotus Flower




Fifteen minutes a day can change your life so you can better manage your stress and pain for calmer days, get deeper sleep and wake up refreshed. 

Stress, Acute and Chronic Pain robs us of a functioning body, good energy, restful sleep and clarity of mind. These four treasures can be yours again.

I have guided clients for over a decade as a licensed acupuncturist. Remarkable changes occur when you add two ancient Chinese health practices to your daily life. A third practice will help you ground the healing energy. 

The three essential practices are: Practice is five minutes each. 

Qi Gong  (Chee Work)



Qi Gong will awaken your body and mind to an inner elixir. Qi Gong is an ancient Chinese way of connecting with a Universal Breath - Qi, a breath that permeates all of nature to nourish your body and mind. Vibrant health and well-being are everyone's right. 

For those not suffering from Acute or Chronic Pain Vibrant Health can be achieved through the three practices of Qi Gong and self-massage. A third practice, journaling, amplifies these practices, creating a cycle of healing and transformation.For those suffering from pain acupuncture treatments are crucial. For those choosing the three practice acupuncture treatments are available.  

For those choosing to learn the three practices click below to access the Vibrant Health - A Pathway to Joy document including a one hour session to learn the three practices and make them a part of your daily life. For those signing up for acupuncture treatments the three practices are included. Let's get started on a journey to Vibrant Health. 





The lotus is the symbol for Vibrant Health.The lotus roots reach deep into the mud with the flower rising out of the water at dawn to bloom and follow the sun. For the Ancient Egyptian the Blue Lotus was used in medicine and magic for health and used in ritual and ceremony to connect to the Divine. Ceremonies for the dead included the ritual use of the Blue Lotus to guide the soul to the afterlife, a rebirth. Vibrant Health is a program to create a new life, a life of renewal, a life dedicated to sacred living, a joyful life. A renewed life will help you navigate our challenging times, times that will force everyone to make decisions on how best to live a good life for you, your family and community.

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